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What is Statful?

Statful is a telemetry system that enables the instrumentation of complex and high-performance environments by capturing and orchestrating metrics from software applications, physical devices or business logic.

It was developed by Developers for Developers!

We created Statful for ourselves out of the need we had for a monitoring tool that would provide visibility and depth for development teams, yet also be straight forward and diverse enough to measure applications and business KPIs.

It was built with flexibility and easy integration in mind, on top of state-of-the-art technologies and software development best practices.

What can Statful do for you?

Instrument your World

  • Use the Statful HTTP API to send your custom metrics, or use one of our open source clients and collectors to send metrics seamlessly from your applications or devices.

Explore Metrics

  • Explore your metrics in a simple but powerful way, by applying transformation functions, selecting groups of tags or by comparing data with custom baselines.
  • Easily create and customise graphs with multiple data and style options.

Customisable Widgets and Dashboards

  • Build real-time dashboards with high-resolution metrics and events visualisation.
  • Display independent dashboards on large screens or TVs, with Auto-Refresh mode.
  • Create and edit custom widgets, easily change dashboard data by selecting different metric tags or define timelines to fine-tune visualisation.

Multi-dimensional Metrics

  • Associate multiple custom tags to metrics and visualise them grouped, or filter down to a particular tag to find specific data.


  • Build alert rules in a flexible and integrated UI that alerts you when a metric crosses a threshold or suddenly stops reporting.
  • Get ahead of an incident by receiving multi-channel notifications!

What’s next?

This is the homepage of Statful’s documentation. Here you can find all the information to get started, along with different details about the product. We welcome you to explore topics in the nav bar to your left or follow to the next item, by selecting the button “Next” below.