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Case Study

Statful Provides Unlimited HORSEPOWER for TVG

Statful is an integral part of TVG’s success. It has placed the reins in TVG executives’ hands, giving them the power to monitor and visualize real-time data of their systems, applications and key business performance indicators. The result is lightning-fast incident detection, as well as a measurable improvement of visibility into their infrastructure’s performance, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction and retention, bolstering their bottom line.


Thousands of customers daily rely on TVG’s online betting systems to perform efficiently and without incident. A 1-minute interruption of service could impact millions of dollars in business for TVG. Before Statful, TVG executives were making decisions with blinders on. Phil Dixon, former COO at TVG explains, “One of the challenges we faced was troubleshooting. We would find out about a bottleneck in one of our systems days after its occurrence. With too much time spent on solving an issue, there was no time left to understand why it occurred. We needed more insight into our systems, applications and key business performance indicators. Statful gave us that insight.”


Statful is the thoroughbred-grade solution that TVG needed. Lars Temme, Lead Database Developer at TVG and frequent user of Statful explains, “We used several different programs before to monitor our business, but none of them was as enlightening and easy to use as Statful. To send metrics to Statful I just use a very straightforward line protocol. After logging in, my self-created dashboard pops up and I can immediately see the real-time data of the metrics I have created and customized myself.” Besides showing real-time data, Statful captures and stores all of your historical data so you can detect problems before they turn into incidents, while enabling you to create a baseline for future events. “Once I started baselining applications and specific samples, I was able to give operations teams and other business units actionable insights into the data. Insights that they needed to make important business decisions” , Lars said. “Now everybody can become a specialist in data, no rocket science degree required.”


Statful helps TVG better serve their users by:

Facilitating Problem Detection

Statful immediately replaces the difficult and time-consuming task of manually monitoring systems. Lars: “Instead of having someone constantly tapping you on the shoulder, asking about our status, we have Statful doing all that work for us. In addition to that: what is the point of making weekly reports on our performance, if we can monitor and display it in real-time?”

Enlightening Business Decisions

Statful gives deep visibility into application and system performance. “Having a lot of data collected in one place can easily make you lose perspective.” Lars said. “Statful empowers you to customize your own dashboard by selecting exactly those metrics that you need. Now everyone in our company is able to understand our situation and we can all rapidly identify trouble spots and drill down into root causes before our customers are impacted.”

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Statful gives TVG the extra horsepower it needs to stay ahead of the competition. Phil: “Every time a problem occurred, we would find ourselves in finger-pointing situations. We were constantly overtaken by events, which led to inconsistent response time. Now Statful provides us with useful data that we need to understand our customers and to give them the best possible experience. It has created a win-win situation for our customers and our internal teams.”
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“With Statful, we can finally real-time monitor our systems, applications, and key business performance indicators” Phil Dixon, former COO
“Once I started baselining applications and specific samples, I was able to give operations teams and other business units the visibility they needed.” Lars Temme, Lead Database Developer
About TVG TVG is synonymous with horse racing in the United States. As a leader in the online betting market for more than 20 years, TVG is based in Los Angeles. Its headquarters house corporate offices and a television station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On any given day, tens-of-thousands of racing enthusiasts are watching a TVG broadcast on television and placing bets on With trillions of wagers transacting every year, TVG relies on its top-of-class infrastructure and reporting tools to keep performance on track.